Who hated the movie ‘Cats’ so much that he went and got a dog?

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – The ‘Cats’ movie was so bad it drove Andrew Lloyd Webber to get a dog. The famous composer was so “emotionally damaged” by the 2019 Hollywood version of his legendary musical that he needed some canine therapy. The movie became fodder for endless internet jokes when it famously tanked so hard that even two of its own stars, James Corden and Rebel Wilson, mocked the film during last year’s Oscars ceremony.
  • Plus, it wasn’t until Alex Trebek went public with his pancreatic cancer diagnosis that his wife, Jean Trebek, realized just how beloved her husband was. Until that moment, the longtime “Jeopardy!” host had largely kept his personal life separate from his professional life. “For the most part, Alex and I enjoyed staying at home,” Jean Trebek said in a new interview with Eden magazine. “When we did go out, it was perhaps for a quick dinner or movie every now and then, so it wasn’t like we were always out in public for me to really notice his popularity.” But in March 2019, Trebek divulged his cancer diagnosis to his fans. And every day that followed, cartons filled to the brim with get-well cards arrived at the Trebeks’ home and at the “Jeopardy!” studio.
  • And ahead of the release of her forthcoming album, Adele is getting real about what it’s like to co-parent after divorce in her first interviews since 2016. Though the 33-year-old singer has spent much of the past five years largely out of the public eye, she’s celebrating her return to music with two deeply candid interviews, opening up about what it’s like to co-parent after divorce. During her chat with the British glossy, the mom-of-one gave insight into what it has been like trying to protect her eight-year-old son, Angelo, as she split from his father, Adele’s ex Simon Konecki. Of channeling some of her experiences with divorce into her new music, she says she hopes it will help Angelo treat his future partners well. She wanted to “show Angelo what I expect him to treat his partner like, whether it be a woman or a man or whatever,” she says. “After going through a divorce, my requirements are sky-high. There’s a very big pair of shoes to fill.”
  • At the end of the show – Just like fashion and beauty, nutritionists say food trends are changing for the better—and as we evolve, so too should our eating habits. There’s a good chance you’re not eating like the generations that came before you, and for good reason. Surae tells us the changes being made to the old food pyramid and how it could help us all make better choices at the table. Hope you join us as we dive into these Hot Topics and more this morning on GTU.

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