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In need of a new book? Kim and Alacia of Our Charming Bookshelf are here chatting with Surae to share the purpose of their Instagram account and what neighborhood libraries are.

There’s nothing like finding a good book and receiving reviews ahead of time so they’re here to help people with that. The two have been friends since high school and bonded over books which is why they decided to start Our Charming Bookshelf. After frequently being asked for book recommendations, they thought their business could help teach people ways to find new books. They’ll also review books they’ve read and which their favorites are.

They shared how one way to find new books is through neighborhood libraries. There’s a nonprofit called Little Free Libraries where people can leave boxes full of books in front of their yard so neighbors can take one to read, return it, then leave another one. It’s a one-stop bookshop full of books for children and adults and there’s also an app where people can find out where some of these little libraries are.

Reviews are posted twice or three times a month so be sure to follow their Instagram so you can find all the best books and Kim said they have different interests in genres so there’s a wide variety of reviews!

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