Sean Clark, President of the Hibernian Society of Utah is our go-to this time of year to tell us how Salt Lake City is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! The 46th annual parade and Siamsa happen this Saturday, March 11th at The Gateway starting at 11 am.

He tells us, “we run the parade through our Siamsa festival area, so enjoy Irish food and drink while taking in one of Salt Lake City’s finest traditions.” The theme of this year’s parade is “Shades of Green” and is a celebration of the diversity within the Irish community. 

“While we celebrate our shared Irish heritage, we recognize and celebrate everything that makes us who we are. So don’t be surprised if you see Irish flags along with Mexican, Italian or Korean. It’s not about what percentage you are, in fact everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, even if you don’t have ancestors that hail from Ireland,” Sean continues.

The Siamsa runs from 11 am- 5 pm.  Following the parade is a great lineup of entertainment, with Irish bands and dance companies performing on two stages, one indoors and one outdoors.  The indoor space includes 25,000 square feet, and will house the traditional Irish food from DinnerTime Meals, a bar, and many great festival vendors, in addition to the performance area. It’s a great multi-generational family environment that basically turns The Gateway into a magnificent Irish pub!!

This event is completely free to the public! All proceeds of alcohol sales, and 20% of food sales go toward the non-profit effort to ensure Salt Lake City always has this amazing St. Patrick’s Day tradition.


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