When is the best time to take a nap?

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Let’s say you’re working from home. Your morning was jam-packed with meetings and wrangling kids and all that jazz. Now it’s the middle of the afternoon and you can barely keep your eyes open. You could reach for another cup of coffee, but that means you’ll never get to sleep tonight. So you contemplate a nap. A sweet, glorious, horizontal reprieve from the stress and fatigue of the day. But is that really the best idea? How long should your nap be? To read more click here: https://www.yahoo.com/now/best-nap-length-according-sleep-120000755.html
  • Plus, TikTok has done it again. The app has taught us something we never knew before, and no, it’s not a silly dance this time. According to a TikTok video by @Sidneyraz, we’ve been wearing our travel pillows wrong. According to Raz, who you might know from his series “Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was In My 30s,” rather than put the thick, cushy part of the pillow behind your head, leaving you to lean your head back and probably fall asleep with your mouth open for the whole flight, you’re actually supposed to turn it around. That way you can comfortably lean your head on something in every direction.
  • And big changes come to travel, Hilton is getting rid of daily housekeeping at its U.S. hotels. Before the pandemic, daily housekeeping was the norm at most hotels. But Hilton has chosen to get rid of its automatic daily housekeeping services, USA Today reported. Instead, the company will be offering the service to guests only upon request. This new policy starting going into effect at some hotels on July 5.
  • And at the end of the show, should you use mouthwash before or after you brush your teeth? TikTok has the answer and it’s not what all of our hosts have been doing?! Tune in to find out the right answer. Hope you join us for GTU on a Monday morning.

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