Ganel Lyn Condie joined us to talk about the idea of a new year “umbrella”. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. So what is your NEW YEAR UMBRELLA made of?

  • Connections.
    One of the most important factor in mental health wellbeing is authentic connections.

Therapy, valued friends, family relationships.

  • Rest.

Schedule rest days or block out rest time. 

Recovery time is essential in avoiding burnout and being more productive.

  • Soul Time.

Prayer, scripture, mediation. Keeping your mind where your body is – mindfulness practices.

Knowing you are more than your job, house, to-do list. Soul time.

  • Play.

Dance, movies, bike rides, walks in rain.

Can give exercise and cultivate connection.

Some people (like me) need to plan for play.

  • Creation.

Meaningful work, art, cooking, hobby.