What’s in your bag?

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Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag? Us too! Watch as Reagan, Nicea, and Surae divulge the items within their bags.

Whether it’s water bottles, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, deodorant, and all the hairspray you could ever need, these ladies show you what really goes down in a woman’s purse.

Surae always keeps baby wipes, her water bottle, a fuzzy makeup bag and her trusty planner.

Nicea carries hand sanitizer, cause “you nasty” and sets of never failing falsie lashes.

Reagan doesn’t leave the house without a donut coupon for a rainy day, friendly reminders of her speeding ticket, deodorant she has to return and hairspray that is subpar. But hey, we’re here for it!

Who are we as fellow women to judge the contents of another women’s purse? We know the struggle is real, ladies. Own your bags of random stuff with pride! You never know when the offhand items will come into play and save the day!

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