What’s in Deena’s purse?

Good Things Utah

Apparently GTU hazing of the newest team member is a dig through their purse. Thankfully Deena doesn’t get embarrassed. I mean, she proudly pulled out a frozen burrito for goodness sake. She also told us her Chanel bag is fake, and only cost $20. What else does she keep in her “Chanel”?

A toy excavator, arcade tickets, a zone bar, a book, and spider-man fruit snacks for when hunger strikes. It’s hard fighting crime. Superheroes need fuel, too. Rounding out her treasures was a calendar and pen because even though it’s 2020, she just can’t bring herself to hop on board with electronic calendars, I guess.

Get to know Deena even more through her instagram instagram.com/Deena_marie/

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