What will you spend your money on post lock down?

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – When it comes to spending post pandemic money what are Americans planning on buying first? We have the list. Plus, do you turn in your shopping cart in the parking lot? What you do after loading up your car actually says a lot about your personality. And trying on clothes has totally changed. We’ll tell you the new policies department stores are adopting to keep you safe. And finally, if you sleep with your fan on you will definitely want to hear this – that air flow might be why you are constantly sniffling and sneezing!
  • And in our extra round of hot topics today, celebrities have tried the Fruit Snack Challenge with their kids, and now Surae tries it with her five year old. (this is the cutest video we’ve seen all week!) And do you have a favorite item in your Chex Mix? We break down the most popular pieces in the popular snack.
  • And at the end of the show – we learn how to change up a basic t-shirt with three different ways to tie it. Lookin’ good Brina! Hope you join us this morning for fun Tuesday edition of GTU.

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