This week’s Friday flicks is filled with a returning classic, a reimagined classic, and a witty Bollywood splendor. Val Cameron shared what you and your family should watch this weekend.  

Return of the Jedi returns to theatres for the 40th anniversary! 

Rated PG 

Lucas Films is bringing the third film in the original Star Wars Trilogy back to theaters to celebrate 40 years. This is one of the most beloved of the Star Wars movies. It is the first time we meet Jaba the Hut as well as Ewoks, plus who could also forget when our favorite villain Darth Vader saves his son and the Galaxy.  

Val gave this movie a B+ 

Polite Society 


Focus Features blends Bollywood splendor and British whit in Polite Society. This movie is packed with action and comedy. It does not lack visually either, from the costumes and backdrops to the martial arts and cinematography.  

Val gave this movie an A- 

Peter Pan & Wendy 


Walt Disney Picture is reimagining the story that most of us know and love. In Peter Pan & Wendy, Jude Law plays Captain Hook and does a great job of melting into the character. Jim Gaffigan takes on the role of Smee and Alan Tudyk plays Mr. Darling. This film features a great young cast for Peter, Wendy and Tink, all in all Cameron says she enjoyed this film. She recommends it as a great option for family movie night. You can stream it now on Disney+.

Val gave this movie a B+  

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