What it’s like to report on racism as a black journalist

Good Things Utah
  • Our own ABC4’s Brittany Johnson has been tirelessly reporting on protests, gathering interviews and putting together stories on the George Floyd protests all while trying to manage her own feelings the past several days. We asked Brittany what it’s like to be a black woman reporting on racism in Utah and across the country. It’s tough to turn the camera around on a journalist, and Johnson got emotional as she talked about staying unbiased in the face of something so personal and so important. When asked about an opinion piece written by a black woman in the Huffington Post who said she was tired of being asked how to help the Black Lives Movement, Johnson said she doesn’t feel that way. She says it’s time for open, honest, and raw communication. So she says to reach out and ask what you can do to continue that conversation in a way that is meaningful. In the meantime, Johnson will continue to stop by GTU and cover events important to our state and the world every night here on ABC4 news.

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