House pets primarily consist of the friendly and immortalized cats, dogs, and occasionally fish, but rabbits have become a common house pet for families and individuals alike.

They are cute, fluffy, the perfect size and can appear simple to maintain, but actually require attentive and focused care.

Adventucator Robert Blair and Nimbus the rabbit visited our studio and shared how to care and create a happy life for your rabbit pets!

Rabbits require a lot of care as a pet and, unless properly prepared and willing to commit, adoption of these cute and cuddly pets should be refrained. This is not to discourage their adoption, but to ensure that they are given a healthy home!

Over 80% of rabbits are given back up for adoption or abandoned once an owner takes them on due to unpreparedness and not being aware of the commitment that a pet rabbit comes with. Blair is hoping to put this to an end through clear education and thought out warning to those looking to adopt.

Find out everything you need to know about owning a rabbit by heeding Blair’s advice. Be sure to watch the entire video for more tips. Owning a rabbit like Nimbus can be a rewarding experience, but only if the owner is willing to provide a happy healthy home.

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