What is the saddest meal you’ve ever had?

Good Things Utah

It’s a foodie themed show today on Good Things Utah! During table talk, Brian shared a couple hilarious photos of the saddest meals people have ever had. They included toast with a spread of Chick-Fil-A sauce on top, peanut cereal and white bread with ice on top.

Yes, these are actual meals people have had… and that’s not all on the foodie train. Brian also shared a list of messy foods that will make you look like a slob every single time.

Ali also shared a list of things you don’t have to tell your partner, and Surae showed off the prettiest ombré hair looks from celebrities, including a priceless throw back to Brian! Hey, if you have dark roots and light ends… that counts as ombré!

Ali also shared the secret messages your body is trying to tell you. Find out what it means if you have a desire to chew ice or if you’re a contagious yawner.

To end our foodie show, Brian, Ali and Surae shared a few great snacks!

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