What is the one chore we all hate doing?

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Front row seats! Reagan’s mom and dad are in town from Texas and cheering their daughter on from our set. We are introducing you to them both this morning.
  • Plus, when it comes to the Salt Lake City airport, do you need a mask? Bill Wyatt, executive director of Salt Lake City Department of Airports, says yes, and that’s from the TSA. So this is a federal mandate, we are still subject to all of the protocols – wearing a mask, social distancing, to the extent that you can. … This mandate is currently set to expire in September. Masks are also expected to be worn on every flight.
  • And a new study says that whether you choose sweet or salty snacks can help researchers understand everything from your social preferences to what you like do during your free time. Personalities vary for a number of reasons, but a new survey commissioned by Hickory Farms and conducted by OnePoll revealed that differences can actually stem from your snack preferences. According to the findings from 2,000 Americans, those who indulge in sweet snacks are usually more social when they eat. About 20 percent of the survey participants enjoyed snacking with friends and 19 percent liked to eat during a game night. On the other hand, savory snack fanatics liked having light bites during leisure or intimate settings. An estimated 27 percent of survey volunteers liked having these snacks on dates and 23 percent noted that they ate their mini meals while binging TV shows.
  • And speaking of sweet or salty, what do you like to put in your coffee? We have the do’s and don’ts when it comes to healthy choices for that morning cup of joe!
  • And at the end show, what is that one chore that we all hate doing? Let’s face it: Doing any kind of chores, be it picking up your room, vacuuming, or cleaning windows, truly stinks. It’s extremely common to argue over who’s doing the most work around the house and who should take on which duties. But if there’s one thing that people do all agree on, it’s that one chore is worse than all the rest: washing dishes. We’ll tell you why we all hate it so darn much – Hope you join us for a Tuesday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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