SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Whether you are empty nesting, single and dating or just trying to foster more connection in your marriage, Ganel Lyn Condie suggests trying A to Z alphabet dating. She joined us on the show to share some of her ideas.

Some dates she and her husband have enjoyed are movies, restaurants, and activities but what makes it fun is to coordinate with letters of the alphabet. It is a great way to date on a budget. Some examples are:

B DATE – bike ride to Bridal Veil Falls, burgers and Breakfast at Tiffanys

F DATE – Farmers Market and French fries

H DATE – Hale Theater and Habit Bruger

K DATE – Kolaches Kraves kolaches, kickoff at BYU game, and kissing

You can take turns planning and get a head start planning the next date on the date. Ganel Lyn believes that our relationships are worth the investment. For more from Ganel Lyn, visit