What films you can get for free on Disney+ Day

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Val Cameron is back for another Friday Flicks and she is talking about Disney+ Day and which movie this week is a must-see.

Val reminds us that it is Disney+ Day and they are celebrating two years of streaming. Today (Friday, November 12, 2021) Disney+ is making a plethora of their paid movies and shorts free. Including the popular Olaf short film.

“Olaf Presents” (TV-PG)
In this short film, Olaf explains all the plots of the popular Disney movies in about a minute and a half each. Val says, “If you need a little bit of laughter with the kids or the family,” this is the movie for you.

Home Sweet Home Alone (PG)
Disney+ is also re-presenting the holiday classic “Home Alone” with their updated version “Home Sweet Home Alone.” It has been a little over 30 years since we saw Kevin McCalister, but Val says the new character, Max, is just as rambunxious as Kevin. It will not be in theatres but it is on Disney+ and Val says it is a more made-for-TV movie than a big blockbuster.

If you are not part of Disney+, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! They are offering incentives to new subscribers and re-subscribers today and you will have access to the films above and many others.

Belfast (PG-13)
Rating: A-
In Theaters
Jamie Dornan from 50 Shades of Gray and Kenneth Branagh and Val says, “If you are a fan of him as an actor, he as a director is even better.” It is a semi-autobiographical film that talks about what happened in Ireland in the 1960s and raising your kids in an atmosphere of conflict, but Branagh does a great job at still focusing on the family in a small neighborhood. It is in black and white, but Val says it is fantastic, and the score is one of her favorites. Val says this is a must-see as it will be “one of the biggest contenders for best picture.”

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