Jaclyn Robertson from JR Law Group, Utah Family Law Attorney, joined ABC4 and Good Things Utah to share the four main factors of child support.

How long does child support last and can the amount change?

When adults have children, they become legally obligated to financially support them until the age 18. Once a child support agreement is in place, the payment amount may be increased or decreased under certain circumstances like if a parent’s earning ability changes or a child’s financial increased.

How is child support calculated?

Every state has a formula for calculating child support, and judges use those formulas to determine how much child support will be paid in each case. The formulas used can be quite complicated, but it’s pretty easy to estimate what your child support might be by using free online calculators and worksheets.

The calculation of child support depends on numerous factors. The two main factors are gross monthly income and number of children. In joint custody agreements, most formulas include the number of overnight visits with each parent in the end calculation. It’s pretty straightforward. “With joint custody worksheets, it’s literally the amount of overnights,” says Jaclyn. It factors in other types of calculations based off other income disparities or court determined financial obligations as well.

What child support does and does not cover of children expenses?

Typical expenses include, basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter), medical care, medical expenses, education, childcare, transportation, and in some cases certain extracurricular activities. “School fees – extracurricular activities, that’s not something the law says you have to pay for,” Jaclyn continues. Although in some situations there are agreements made for additional expenses.

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