You may recognize KayCee Stroh from High School Musical, which just celebrated its fifteen year Anniversary, believe it or not! We loved having this multi-talented lady back in studio with us today, and we got her for not one, but two segments. KayCee reminisces about her experience on set, talks motherhood, and tells us what to expect with her cameo appearance in the new High School Musical series on Disney Plus!

Besides acting and momming, KayCee is a self-esteem advocate, dancer, speaker, fitness gal, and TikToker. When quarantine hit, KayCee began posting dance fitness videos and created a huge online TikTok following. Her moves are impressive, her bubbly energy contagious, and she’s finding a whole new generation of both fans, and fellow creators.

KayCee tells us TikTok is not just for teenagers, that moms and dads need to listen up and embrace this wave of the future when it comes to marketing, and making it in the entertainment industry!

Follow along with KayCee in the step-by-step TikTok dance in the second clip below, and follow her online as well to stay updated for when her merch drops, and special project announcements! We’re off to shake our hips now. IG @kaycstroh Tiktok @KAYCSTROH YOUTUBE: @KayCeeStroh