Today on GTU we talk about the things you CAN do at home right now. Go easy on yourself! its OKAY to have a lot of screen time. Its FINE to not look your best these days and wear the same sweat pants for days on end. EAT exactly what you want right now. We will get out of this at some point and start to be hard on ourselves again. Nicea talked about the frustrations for high school graduating seniors. They feel super sad they are not going to have the traditional good byes and celebrations. Some groups are finding special ways to celebrate. If you have any ideas, send them in! And we can’t forget the unhinged celebs. Oh wow. Some of them have no handler so they are getting goofy on social media. Jack Black was a personal favorite with no shirt, cowboy boots and a hat, dancing like a wild man. Gave us all a giggle on a Wednesday!

Being cooped up by Covid-19 is making us all snack a bit more. 40% of people say they’ve been eating for snack food and chocolate. Bring on the left over Easter candy!

We will be transitioning to warmer temperatures so experts say we’ll soon have to trade in our sweats and leggings for shorts and bike shorts. Also, have you heard? Skinny jeans are out! forget the super-tight huggy pants and bring on the baggy options instead. Not necessarily the boyfriend styles but how about the cute, loose-fitting, tapered look.