SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — If your New Year’s resolution is not going well, we have the solution for you. There’s no need to make being healthy complicated. A couple of years ago, Roxanne Wise wanted to make a shift to a more healthy lifestyle and kept hearing about all these vitamins she should be taking but she had no direction. She decided to make a supplement community that makes it easier for all the wellness rookies out there.  

She made a company called “Rookie.” that has supplements for your every need. For example, Wake, Wake is an energy and mood supplement that provides a caffeine perk without the crash, by offering a stable source of green tea. Wake comes in two different flavors, pomegranate apple and strawberry fields.  They have five supplements that help with everyday problems such as immunity, recovery, wellness, wake, and sleep. These supplements all have an instant effect on your body. Leaving you feeling healthier than ever in just a few minutes. For a more permanent effect consistency is key and taking them every day will make these become close to permanent. They also carry protein and super cute apparel for casual outings.  

To get to your health goals it is all about building a healthy mindset. Building consistency and getting into the habit of taking care of yourself. This can be related to weight training, supplement taking, etc. But it is how to become a healthy person. By building those healthy habits. For more from Roxanne and to get her amazing product check out their website and social media.  Their product is in Harmons, on amazon, and free people.