Wedding bells for former host Brian Carlson

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In celebration of GTU’s birthday, we are catching up with former host Brian Carlson who is getting married tomorrow! He joined us to share about the wedding and the wonderful lady he will get to marry.

The ladies have been with Brian through the ups and downs of dating and are so happy to see him flouring in this new stage of life. Brian explained that if there is such thing as love at first sight, it happened to them. He shared that things just work with the two of them and that when things have gotten tough over the last couple of years, they have been able to work through it. His bride-to-be has four kids, and he is excited to become a family of 6. Brian shocked the ladies when he mentioned that Liz, his fiance, wants a honeymoon baby. They had a good laugh.

Reagan added that Brian is very methodical and very thought out. She says that if he says she’s the one, then she really is special. When asked what his favorite thing is about his future wife, he said she is so kind and loving to everyone. He expressed his gratitude for the ladies on the show and said that there is a piece of them in her.

Brian is over in the newsroom now and told viewers about an exciting interview he has coming up. Court “The Crusher” McGee is the first UFC fighter from Utah. At one point his addiction to heroin killed him and he was pronounced clinically dead for 8 minutes. Somehow he survived and has now made big changes in his life. For the full story, tune in one week from today to!

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