WEBER COUNTY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) The holidays are just about here. What better way to celebrate than at a Christmas tree jubilee? Emily Oyer and Josh Skidmore of the Weber County School Foundation shared information about the upcoming event that takes place during Thanksgiving weekend. The event will benefit the 34,000 students in the Weber County School District.

The proceeds from the event will help fun the upcoming Teen Centers that will serve as places to help teens experiencing houselessness. Each center will provide a space where students will be able to have access to showers, laundry and internet to do homework. There will also be an adult present to provide students with resources to get the additional help they need. “We know that if students are not getting those basic needs met they really can’t function in any classroom setting,” said Oyer. “They need to have those basic needs met first and so that’s what we’re hoping to do this year.”

It is estimated that over 900 students in Weber County are experiencing houselessness. It costs $350,000 to build a teen center and Oyer and Skidmore are hopeful it can be done. People can help by donating silent and live auction items, decorating trees and promoting the event. The event will be hosted by GTU host Nicea DeGering. “There’s so much to do in that whole week,” said Skidmore. “It’s just a great event.”

The event will take place from Nov. 21-25 at the Eccles Convention Center in Downtown Ogden.

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