WOODS CROSS, Utah- (Good Things Utah) It’s beanie season, but unfortunately that can mae our hair look unsightly. No one likes hat hair and somehow it seems inevitable. Fortunately, Sierra Miller from Sierra’s Beauties has the solution. Long are the day you have to choose between sacrificing your head and sacrificing your hair.

When wearing lots of outer layers such as sweaters, scarves, and coats, the back of our hair rubs on it and can cause tangles or knots in our locks. With that, lots of damage will ensue. Beanies can be the perfect way to hide a bad hair day but unfortunately potentially causes long term damage to the condition of our tresses.

Miller suggests the best ways to avoid this by keeping your hair pulled to the front of your shoulders and keeping tangles at bay. She recommends keeping a hair brush or comb on your person to touch up those pesky tangles. Getting deep conditioning treatments on your hair to keep it moisturized and healthy in the winter is crucial as our hair is at it’s peak dryness and weakness in the middle of winter.

Miller also shares her Beanie hairstyle ideas. You can still create fashionable styles with your hair and pair it with a beanie. “I like to leave a [hair] out when I put [my beanie] on,” said Miller. “I like face framing pieces.” She also suggests two braids or pigtails which not only look darling but also help avoid tangles and knots. French braids are also a great option to keep your mange looking fresh and feeling healthy.

Miller is a licensed hair dresser and makeup artist with a full service salon located in Davis County. She will soon start selling silk lined beanies to help promote beautiful hair under your beanie. To get $10 off your next deep conditioning service, mention GTU. Appointments can be made at appointment@sierrasbeauties.com

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