SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Today on GTU, the ladies put the latest TikTok life hacks to the test. We tested out four of the best food hacks to see which ones a flop and which ones are winners.

Squeezing lemons with a pair of tongs

TikTok says if you take a pair of tongs and grab a lemon, you can get all the juice you need from the lemon. The girls tried this, and it was a success! Nicea added you can repurpose the lemon wedge and put it in your dishwasher for optimal freshness for the dishes.

Pushing an avocado pit out

Instead of using a knife to remove the avocado pit, a safer option is to push up against the back of the avocado and the pit will fall out. The girls tried it and it worked! This hack should be the norm when removing pits from avocados.

Salvaging burnt toast

It is always such a bummer when you burn your toast. Rather than toss the bread out, you can fix it! Sometimes a knife isn’t cutting it so a better option is to use a micro plane to get the burnt parts off. Nicea wasn’t convinced and Surae was on the fence but Deena felt it was the most useful hack and could see herself using it as she often times burns her boys’ toast.

Peeling a potato up and down for faster peeling

The ladies tried peeling a potato towards them and away from them and it didn’t seem like a winner for Surae and Nicea. Deena was able to peel her sweet potato in a short time while the russet potatoes Nicea and Surae had didn’t seem to pan out. It is unclear if it was the yam Deena used or if she is just a pro at the method, but this hack is also a winner in her book.