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Veteran parents might admit swaddling saved their sanity when it came to a fussy newborn.”As a first time mom, swaddling was one of the things that intimated me,” Maxine Clegg, a mother of two in Hawaii, told TODAY Parents. “The nurses gave me a quick run through and talked to me about the importance of wrapping them tightly and keeping the blanket away from her face. This seemed like an obvious thing to do, but when the baby is screaming at another decibel, you’re just doing things fast and trying to make them happy again.”

Dr. Jude J. Cope, pediatrician and assistant professor of clinical medicine at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University, confirmed the importance of technique. “When done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep,” she said.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Task Force on Safe Sleep provides the following instructions on how to swaddle a baby:

Spread a blanket out flat, with one corner folded down.

Lay the baby face-up on the blanket, with their head above the folded corner.

Straighten their left arm, and wrap the left corner of the blanket over the body and tuck it between their right arm and the right side of the body.

Then tuck the right arm down, and fold the right corner of the blanket over the body and under their left side.

Fold or twist the bottom of the blanket loosely and tuck it under one side of the baby.

Make sure the hips can move and that the blanket is not too tight, especially around the chest, so as not to restrict the baby’s breathing.

Pediatricians caution that improper swaddling may cause problems in the hips of a newborn.

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends wraps and sleep sacks that have a loose pouch [or] sack for the baby’s legs and feet, are not too confining around the thighs, and that allow plenty of hip movement,” Cope said.

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