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  • It’s finally summer and the Pool Swim Noodles are out! No swimming pool? No problem! Brian shows us all the things you can do with the noodles:
  1. ‘Star Wars’ Light sabers
    Have a kids’ birthday party coming up and need something fun for them to do? Since pool noodles generally run between $1 to $3, you can pick up a bunch for cheap and make some quick Star Wars light sabers. All you need is duct tape and some markers. Let the kids design their own and then tire themselves out with safe sword fights.

2. Dog Washer
Cleaning a dirty dog can be a messy affair, especially when water from the hose gets everywhere. Luckily for you, there’s a way to use a pool noodle. Twist an old noodle into a circle, and cut tiny slits all the way around the noodle’s body. Next, put the head of your hose into the end of the noodle, and zip tie a paper towel around the other end. Have your dog stand in the middle, and turn the hose on allowing your pooch to be washed all the way around.

3. Boot Shapers
Tired of your knee-high boots flopping all over the entryway? Use pool noodles as boot shapers to keep them upright, organized, and in great shape. No need to buy expensive boot shapers when $1 noodles will do!

4. Headrest
Here’s a pretty ingenious way to create a headrest for the car. Cut a pool noodle section. Then slice it to the center hole so you can put the seatbelt through it. Wrap a soft shirt or a towel around it, and voila, a comfy place to rest your head for those long car rides.

5. Pail grip
For the laborers out there: If you’re constantly having to lift and carry those heavy plastic pails, you know the little handles can actually cut painfully into your hands. You can use a piece of a pool noodle to wrap around the handle to create a much more comfortable grip.

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