We are tackling bad manners, including putting your cell phone on the table

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Even during a pandemic, manners are still important. Here are some of the etiquette mistakes you might be making and not even know it!

Sneezing into your hands:
Sneeze into your elbow or at the very least turn your head away from other people, she says, adding that if you feel multiple sneezes coming on, excuse yourself to the restroom.

Setting your phone on the table:
It pulls your attention away from the people you are dining with and makes for an overall less pleasant eating experience for everyone, including yourself. “Don’t place any items on the table that are not part of the meal such as your mobile phone, keys, or sunglasses,” an etiquette expert says.

Sending grammatically incorrect texts/emails:
Remember, it may be ‘just a text’ but this is still representing you, your values, the quality of your work, and overall leaves an impression on the reader of who you are and the sophistication you possess. Plus, with grammar and spelling tools built into almost any system these days, there is no excuse for tons of errors.

Using speakerphone to talk in public places:
No one needs to hear your conversation with your spouse, the details of your work report, or your the results of your physical exam yet people will inadvertently share these and other highly personal information with many strangers when they leave their phone on speaker phone in a public space.

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