• Today on Good Things Utah we have a special announcement for you… Brianne Johnson is joining our team! She was a host on the show more than ten years ago and after a move to Midway, two dogs and three children she says she’s at the perfect place in her life to sit back down on our couch again. Tune in this morning as she shares why she made the decision to come back, why it’s an emotional morning for her and see her family in the audience!
  • Plus, starting a new job will never be easy; you’re diving in to a bunch of new responsibilities, duties and experiences. But what’s even more terrifying? You’re diving into a team of people who already have a certain level of camaraderie and a group dynamic in place. We all want our new co-workers to love us and support us with the continuation of our career, but how do we encourage such feelings of friendship? Just for Brie, here are tips to help your coworkers love you! First – Know their names and greetings. Remembering names (and greeting people when you enter your new workplace) is one of the most effective things you can do to impress your colleagues. It suggests that you care about them, and will also spare any potentially awkward situations for the future. School teachers often use flashcards in order to memorize the names and faces of their dozens of pupils – you can do the same! Or perhaps drawing up a seating plan (with the help of someone else, even) will get your memory on track. Second – Positive Body Language is Key.
    Body language can say an awful lot about a person, and we’re constantly making subconscious judgements based on it. Maintain good eye contact; keep an open, welcoming posture; and above all remember to smile! Tune in this morning for Deena to share more tips.
  • At the end of the show – Who is the happiest in the world? The United Nations released its 10th annual report on its ranking of the happiest countries in the world on Thursday. The report takes several factors into account, which break down into three categories: life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions. The data is gathered by Gallup World Poll and used to determine where in the world people are generally the happiest. This year, Finland ranked No. 1 in the World Happiness Report. It is the fifth year in a row that the country has landed in the top spot and scored well above the rest of the countries on the list. Denmark came in second place, Iceland in third, Switzerland in fourth, and Netherlands in fifth place. The United States, however, came in at No. 16 on the list, though that’s up from 19 in 2021.