SALT LAKE COUNTY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Valentines’ Day is a time for spreading the love for people, but also our furry friends. Salt Lake City County Animal Services is doing a cutest couple contest. By couple they mean, you and your pet. Anyone who would like to participate is welcome. With each admission a $10 donation is required, but all the proceeds will be used to purchase enrichment toys for the shelter pets. On March 1st they will be announcing the winning couple. They will receive a 1 night stay at the Hyatt Place Park City and a personalized gift basket for their pet. All submissions are due no later than February 13th at 5PM. The voting runs between February 16th to 28th. 

In addition, February is national Pet Dental Health Month. Callista Pearson, from Salt Lake County Animal Services, says it is important to consistently maintain your pets’ teeth. If you do not it results in high vet bills when extraction becomes a need. Also, if your pet has tooth pain it can make them uncomfortable resulting in sometimes violent behavior, bad attitudes, and bad breath. Another way to keep your pet’s teeth clean without professional help is to brush their teeth nightly. Do not use human toothpaste because it is toxic for them. You can use this easy homemade toothpaste you can make from everyday items. 


  • 2 ingredients: baking soda and water/broth 
  • Can add in coconut oil, mint leaves/parsley 


  • Mix those together and use a toothbrush, gauze, or strips of old towels to brush their teeth. 

Not only will your pet thank you but it will keep them healthy.  

Adopting an animal is gaining a family member for the life of that pet. This can be a commitment of up to 20 years for a puppy or kitten. Also, it will help them be happier and get to live with a fun-loving family. The Salt Lake County Animal shelter is a stray facility, which means the animals we shelter for have been lost or have been abandoned. These animals were rescued by Animal Services Officers and citizens unable to find an owner. If you are interested in adopting a pet check out their website

For more information about the shelter check out them website and social media. If you want to donate to help the pets at SLCO It is also on their website. Also, they always have some fun event going on for your pets.