SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Pam Baumeister is a watercolor artist who believes in the therapeutic benefits of painting. She joined us on the show to share her journey of self improvement through watercolor painting.

Pam started her professional artist journey after she was diagnosed with MS. She shared the healing and relaxing power of art as she navigated life’s challenges. Watercolor painting fosters creativity, reduces stress, and enhances emotional expression for all, from beginners to professionals.

She shared her inspiration behind her watercolor pieces, including classic cars, scenes from her travels, and vintage toys. She mentioned how each piece tells a story and preserves a memory.

She can be found painting the day away at the “Art at the Park” event coming up September 8-9 at Garden Place at This is the Place State Park.

Connect with Pam online at and on Instagram @pam_baumeister