Watches and workouts to honor Veterans

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We’re honoring Veterans today on GTU and so is Rockwell Watches! Johnny Riche and Vincent “Rocco” Vargas stopped by to talk about what makes Veterans so special to Rockwell Watches and give us information on the Rockwell Salute to Veterans Challenge.

Since the start of their business, Veteran recognition has been essential to Rockwell because they are like-minded individuals who love our country and promote our freedom. Over the years, they have worked with and contributed to a variety of Veterans’ charities. “Rocco” talks about the importance of gratitude and how much it means when people thank him and other veterans for their service. He says even if people cannot support their veterans through monetary donations, donating time is just as valuable.

Rockwell Watches is giving $100 store credit to Veterans on the website! You can redeem this offer by emailing Rockwell your full name, military branch and years served. Make sure to add “Veteran Promo” to the subject line.

Another special promo they are offering is Buy 1, Get 1 for a vet. This offer can be redeemed by going to the website adding 2 watches to your card and using code “BOGOVET”.

Rockwell Watches also brought Ariel Faloon, Tonya Eggett, Jesse Morales and Seth Gardner to replicate some “Hero Workouts.” The first one is called the “Chad” which is a 1,000 step-ups in a 45 lb. vest to honor Navy Seal Chad who committed suicide and other Veterans that have committed suicide. The second is called the “Nygel” named after a Utah soldier who died in Afghanistan. This workout includes four power cleans, 20 goblet squats, and 20 kettlebell swings.

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