Val Cameron is back on GTU to review this week’s hottest films. 

Finch (PG-13) 

Grade: B-

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If you like apocalyptic films this is one for you! This film includes Tom Hanks, a dog and two robots! Tom Hanks plays Finch, a robotics engineer and one of the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event that has left the world a wasteland. Finch and his dog, Goodyear, have been together for a long time and they have developed a new normal. He creates a robot, named Jeff, played by Caleb Landry Jones, to watch over Goodyear when he no longer can since he knows his time is coming to an end. They have to relocate to San Francisco and during the journey, Finch tries to teach Jeff, the robot names himself Jeff, the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. Trying to teach a robot who was “born yesterday” all about how life can be beautiful, but also dangerous. While it is not the most outspoken or memorable of post-apocalyptic movies, it is charming and definitely worth a watch. 

Spencer (R)

Grade: C+ 

Val started by giving a disclaimer saying she knows more about the royals than the average person, so she has a lot of information in her back pocket. She describes this film as “gusty.” This film was the opposite of the polished and fancy expectations of a movie about the Royal family. The movie begins at a very dark time in Diana’s life: she is heading to a Christmas weekend with the Royals just as the infidelity of her husband is becoming more well-known and unavoidable. “Spencer” is a dark tale of what they thought happened during that sad weekend when the trouble of her marriage comes to a head. The movie shows her mental ups and downs as well as her eating disorder and inconsolable demeanor.  

The Shakspearian feel and musical score will make you feel you are losing control just like her and that you need a break. 

Val says the Director did a great job and if you are wary of Kristin Stewart as Diana as she was, she pulled it off most of the time. If you don’t know a lot about Diana’s life this movie may seem confusing and pretentious. It will be nominated for awards and artsy moviegoers will applaud it. “I just can’t give a “B” to a movie that specifically makes itself inaccessible to a broader audience.”

Eternals (PG-13)

Grade: B

With more than 20 films,The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for a while now. “Eternals” introduces us to a group of ancient aliens that will be an exciting new team of Super-Heroes. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, they are forced to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, the Deviants. While Val says there are a lot of problems with this film, from the awkward love story to some very unrealistic timelines, it is entertaining and compelling. The cast alone makes up for these problems; Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani and more are all on-screen together and they don’t get lost.  

The new story does touch “Endgame” and the story is already put in place by the main MCU. It was a good springboard to what is to come. Not the best MCU movie in the bunch, but it is a start in the right direction. Val notes that the inclusion and representation in the film were some of the best parts of it.  

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