SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – If you remember Walker Texas Ranger, the 90’s drama show starring Chuck Norris, then you will love the new CW series Walker Independence! This new show is all about the origin story of Walker Texas Ranger, and Matt Barr, who stars as Hoyt Rawlins, joined us to talk about his time in the series so far!

Matt grew up in Dallas where they filmed Walker Texas Ranger, and had always been a big fan of the show. He starred as an extra in the series, and during his time on the show he realized he wanted to be an actor. 

Walker Independence is set almost 100 years before the time of Walker Texas Ranger, and Hoyt Rawlins is the main character. Hoyt is a lost soul, according to Matt, and he gambles, cons people, and robs people. He finds purpose when he meets Abby Walker, whose husband had just been murdered, and helps her solve the mystery of who killed her husband. 

Matt said that this production is one of his favorite roles yet. Throughout the show, Matt had many shirtless scenes as Hoyt, joking about how little clothes Hoyt owns.

This Thursday there will be a new episode called Pittsburg Windmill, and this term references the con “Ocean’s 11” style during the episode. This season, there are only 3 episodes left, and filming for the next season starts in the summer. 

You can watch Walker Independence every Thursday night at 8 pm on the CW!