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Trevor Brimley, Co-Founder of FIKA Infusion + Wellness, and Megan Brimley, Head Nurse at FIKA Infusion + Wellness came by the studio to share what is Vitamin Therapy and how can it benefit you?

What is Vitamin Therapy?

-Vitamin therapy is the fastest growing trend in wellness for a good reason. Many people we talk to have heard of it as a Hangover cure or something that celebrities do in big cities like Las Vegas, New York, and L.A. However, we can use vitamin therapy not only relieve hangovers, but combat aging, reduce stress, boost immunity, hydrate the body, and improve mental clarity, just to name a few.

-Vitamin Therapy is the most effective way to introduce essential vitamins and minerals into your body. This can be done through a quick and painless IM Shot or as an IV drip! Most of our guests receiving vitamin injections are in and out the door in less than 5 minutes. IVs tend to take a little longer, but we can introduce a much higher volume of nutrients in addition to 1 liter of fluids, and most guests are finished in about an hour.

Why choose vitamin therapy over taking oral supplements?

-Any sort of vitamin supplementation routine will be beneficial for your health plan. When taken orally, vitamins need to first pass through the G.I Tract and then through the liver before it gets into your general (systemic) circulation. During this process, 70% – 80% of nutrients are lost, which means ONLY 20% – 30% is being absorbed by the body, also known as bioavailability. With vitamin therapy, we bypass the digestive system and go directly into the circulatory system allowing for almost 100% absorption.

Who can benefit from these treatments?

-Everyone! At FIKA, we can help in so many ways. Those that need a boost in energy, want help to detox and fight inflammation, athletes looking for better performance or muscle recovery, people dealing with stress and anxiety, weight-loss goals, or who just want to round out their general wellness routine can all benefit from Vitamin Therapy, and the occasional hangover.

What makes FIKA different?

-The experience you feel when walking into FIKA is different than anywhere else. Our space is designed to be an escape from the day-to-day and help each guest relax and take time for themselves. FIKA in Swedish is a coffee break, it’s a time to relax and enjoy the good things in life with your friends. Our team of medical professionals will build the perfect treatment for you every time. We have a menu of treatments you can choose from, but we are always ready to create a custom treatment just for you. We set up the treatment area to be a luxurious experience that’s conducive for healing.

What is most popular?

-We treat many guests that are experiencing vitamin deficiencies. 

Two of the most common deficiencies we see are:

-B12 – helps with energy/metabolism and can be difficult for our bodies to process and absorb

-Vitamin D – aids in immune support and mood regulation, a very common deficiency in adults here in Utah, and offered in High Dose at FIKA.

-Along with exercise and a healthy/balanced diet, we help aid people in their weight loss goals with a Lipo-C shot series. Lipo-C acts by helping your body break down and metabolize fats, we see a lot of success stories!

-Another popular is our CLEANSE remedy that includes Glutathione – which detoxes the body, fights inflammation, and leaves you feeling great.

Future products:

Our new service NAD+. NAD is a molecule that is critical for our Mitochondria to be able to convert fuel into usable cellular energy (ATP). This anti-aging treatment is becoming popular for all types of individuals and has lasting effects on our energy levels, circadian rhythm (sleep), detoxifying and clearing free radicals, it helps clear brain fog, and protects us against oxidative stress!

This treatment is typically only available as an IV Drip, but at FIKA we are also able to offer it in an IM Shot, so our guests can be in, out, and on with their busy day in just a few minutes. NAD+ Shots start at just $25 and results can be noticed almost immediately.


Anybody that calls or visits FIKA this week and mentions this segment will get:

-1 FREE Vitamin Shot (your choice)

-OR can get their first IV for just $75! (includes 2 add-ins of your choice)

Either promotion can be used at a later date

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