Pamela Olson, floral designer and educator with Native Flower Company, came to Good Things Utah to talk about local sunflowers all grown here in the Beehive State. Sunflowers can seem basic to some, but Olson came to prove that they are anything but. She also wants to show ways to elevate them and give them that extra splash of color if you are sticking to the classic but also to show the variety in which they come in.

Olson started the segment showing white sunflowers, also commonly referred to as “buttercream” sunflowers which she says are “a lovely surprise” and very common. Another variety is the mahogany variety which has lots of plum and purple hues. This is a fun twist to a classic flower. A floral arrangement she made with the two sunflowers and cinnamon basil would be the perfect bouquet or centerpiece for any fall wedding with all its autumnal colors. The fragrance is also a nice touch aesthetically and a pleaser for your nose.

Another great way to compliment the classic sunflower is to pair it with the buttercream and original which accentuates both of the sunflowers beauty. You can add zinnia for a monochromatic yet flattering look that is great for late summer. A very elegant twist on a beloved flower.

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