If you are looking for adorable clothes to fill your clothes with for February, this is the spot. Jessica Frazier, Owner of Rylan Boutique, joined us to share Valentine’s Day outfits that will make you feel feminine and beautiful. 

Frazier shared her unique story of starting her boutique. She mentioned that she used to work for a travel agency back in 2020, but was let go when the pandemic hit. She found herself in a tough mental space struggling with body image and depression. She decided to wake up, put on a cute outfit and make some changes in her life. This decision led to her feeling empowered to start a business in fashion. 

Rylan Boutique now carries timeless pieces at affordable prices. They shared two different Valentine’s Day looks on their models today. 

The first model was wearing a flirty floral dress. It is a burgundy color that ties several other colors in with the flowers. It is a dress you can wear year-round. 

The second outfit was a more casual date night outfit featuring a puffer jacket. These are perfect in the winter because they are so warm. The cropped look is very flattering on all body types. 

Use code “GTU” for 20% off sitewide at rylanboutique.com  You can also stay up to date on new collections and looks at @rylanboutique on Instagram.