SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) It is always a great day when Val Cameron visits us on set! Here are her picks and ratings on the top films of the week.
‘The Son’

Rated PG 13

It was released a few months ago, Now it is finally coming out in Utah this weekend. 

Prequel to “The Father”

Grade B-


Rating PG-13

In Theatres today.


Grade B

Sundance Film Festival started yesterday January 19th and goes on to January 29th.

Tickets are available for both Park City and Salt Lake City Theatres. 

Movies to look out for:

  • ‘Magazine Dreams’ with Johnathan Majors
  • ‘Cat Person’ with Emilia Jones
  • ‘Little Richard: I am Everything’
  • ‘Bad Behavior’ with Jennifer Connelly
  • ‘Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie’
  • Brooke Sheilds: ‘Pretty Baby’

These are just a few Cameron will be checking out and talking to viewers about next week. 

Local packages for both in-person and digital screenings are still available.

Cameron will also be doing a bunch of interviews that you can access on her YouTube channel.