Utah’s Remarkable Women: Kari Teague

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Remarkable Women is part of a nationwide Nexstar Media initiative to honor the influence that women have had on public policy, social progress and the quality of life.

Leading up to International Women’s Day, ABC4 Utah will highlight four local women who inspire, lead and forge the way for other women. It’s not just about one day or one month — it’s about what they do, day-in and day-out.

ABC4 Utah’s Third Remarkable Women Local Honoree is Kari Teague.

Here’s what Amy Knight had to say about her friend Kari:

She is a middle-aged woman who has raised 3 daughters, is a caregiver to her husband Scott who suffered a massive stroke 5 years ago and her daughter Sadie, who is 15 and has Down Syndrome. She came into my life when she moved her family from Southern California 6 years ago, after her husband’s stroke, and our daughters were in the same life skills class at Cedar Ridge Elementary.

Together we have been involved in the United Angels Foundation helping families to advocate for their children with special needs. We started a Teen night for the kid’s age 12-18 so they can learn to foster friendships and act appropriately when out in the community. She is also a parent outreach volunteer for parents when they have a child with a special needs diagnosis. She meets the parents and introduces them to people and resources to help them with their child. Kari also works as an eye therapist with people who have experienced brain injuries. The thing that makes her remarkable to me is that she never wallows in self-pity, but always has an amazing attitude and sense of humor about all of the people she cares for. Everyone she meets leaves feeling important and loved. She’s always looking out for the one whenever we go anywhere together.

For example, we attend many workshops and conferences for our daughters who have Down Syndrome. On our lunch break at one of these conferences, she walked right over to a lady who was sitting alone, asked if we could join her and completely got to know her. She put on 3 wedding receptions for her 3 oldest daughters over the last 6 years, has become in a sense a single parent, although she does not consider herself one. She drives her husband to all of his Dr and Therapist appointments and currently has been taking Sadie to all of her appointments as she is having some extra medical problems. Her insights and overall outlook on life are what makes her remarkable, and she does remarkable things because of it.

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