Co-Founder of Utah’s 40 Over 40 joined us today to talk about representation for women.

40 Over 40 believes that representation matters. In age, race, skill, experience, opinion and thought. The purpose of this group is to use that representation to highlight women in their 40s and beyond. They are inspired by women who take chances, change lives and make an impact. They are working to create a community of women over 40, celebrated for their accomplishments and success stories. 

1 in 4 Americans is a woman over 40. 25% of the country and 83 million people. This means that 25% of the country is being underrepresented and under-promoted. In Utah, women earn 30% less than men. That is one of the largest gender wage gaps in the nation.

Below is the full list of this years winners of Utah 40 Over 40.

Becky Edwards
Becky Pickle
Brittany Brown
Carolyn Hayden-Garner
Dani Weigand
Debra Bonner
Dr. Nancy Hauck
Dr. Susana Keeshin
Elaine C. Young
Erin Fox, Pharm D
Geri Lofthouse
Heather Hinrichs
Janine Talbot
Jennifer Bowman
Joana McKenna
Joanna Fankhauser
Julie Bartlett
Julie Palasma
Kathie Miller
Lelani Craig
Lisa Blakemore
Luz Escamilla
Madelyn Cohen
Maile Keone
Marcy Allen
Mary Jane Issacs
Mercedes Fitchett
Michelle Marchant
Mindy B. Young
Missy Gries
Missy McGlone
Nikki Walker
SalsaQueen Zapata
Sarah Belzer
Sarah Navarre
Sidni Lloyd-Shorter, PsyD
Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou
Taunya Brown
Teri Tito
Yamile Saied Méndez
Yvon Smith
Ze Min Xiao

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