Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Women’s representation matters. 25% of the United States are women over the age of 40. With so many strong women impacting our communities, Utah’s 40 Over 40 highlights women 40 and older who are creating a difference within the state. Co-founders Julia Deaver and Robyn Cohen joined us today to discuss this year’s list of women, with a special surprise for one of our hosts!

40 Over 40 highlights women who are adding diversity to Utah in every sense of the word, whether through race, industry, or equality. They strive to bring together a community of women who, through uplifting intentions, are making a difference in their communities.

The best surprise was having Julia Deaver and Robyn Cohen announce that our very deserving host, Nicea DeGering is a winner of this year’s list! We are so proud of Nicea DeGering and are grateful for her impact on all of our lives here at GTU.

This year’s list of incredible women can be found at For more 40 Over 40 content, visit their social media sites @Utahs40over40.