Quinn Kiger Good from Fisher House Salt Lake City talked about the Veteran Affairs program that supports sick veterans and their families all through community engagement and support.  

Good said the Fisher House SLC is a program offered through the Salt Lake City VA health care system that provides free lodging for the families of veterans traveling to Salt Lake City for healthcare. She said that before this program began, families of veterans often wouldn’t have the funds to stay in a hotel or lodging for the treatment that could sometimes take up to 8 or 9 weeks, such as chemotherapy. Many of the families travel to Salt Lake City from more rural areas in surrounding states, such as Colorado, Montana and Idaho. The Fisher House provides a support system too, giving families a space to connect with other families during their stay.  

Fisher House SLC just celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year and has served over 15,000 families since it opened. Good said that everything provided for the families is completely from donations and volunteered time. Members of the community can volunteer to cook, speak with and assist the families and Fisher House. A list can also be found on the Fisher House’s website with specific donation needs.  

Viewers can learn more about Fisher House SLC by visiting their website fisherhousesaltlakecity.com and their Facebook at @fisherhousesaltlakecity