SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Utah has done it again. Ayzjiahna Wood returned to her hometown in Utah after an exhilarating experience in Jackson, Tennessee, where she competed against other outstanding young women from across the United States, and was awarded the title of Miss Teen Volunteer America 2024.

The Miss Volunteer America pageant system is a scholarship program that focuses on empowering young women through volunteerism and community service. With its four areas of competition – interview, talent, fitness and wellness, and evening gown – the pageant encourages young women to showcase their skills and talents while also emphasizing the importance of service and giving back.

Ayzjiahna’s success is also a testament to Utah’s impressive track record in the Miss Volunteer America pageant system. Alexa Knudzen, the current Miss Volunteer America, also hails from Utah, and her win in the pageant system last year was a source of great pride for the state. As a service-oriented scholarship program, the Miss Volunteer America pageant system offers young women the opportunity to pursue their educational goals while also making a difference in their communities.