Singer songwriter James Thorup spoke to us today about his recent song Broken Eyes and his messaging
behind it and all his music, tugging on our heart strings.

A former member of the BYU Vocal Point acapella group, Thorup is no stranger to music coming from a
musical family. He spoke about how he used his musical talent and ability to create his song Broken
Eyes, which he wrote to remind everyone that people have incredibly complex lives beneath the surface.
This song was written to open listeners’ eyes to the interconnectedness of an individual’s complex lives
and was inspired by the judgment he felt was being passed on to his friends by those who did not
personally know them.

Thorup hopes to continue using his music to send positive messages, encouraging love, community and
understanding of those around us. As Thorup reminds us, we all possess greater depth than we can all
understand and through these complexities we all are similar in one way or another.

To listen to more of Thorup’s music you can follow him on Youtube under the channel name James
Thorup, or you can connect with him on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook at @jamesthorup