Got Melk? This all-natural, clean daily skin regimen isn’t a dairy beverage, but rather an essential face cream. We had Kamille Frey Cox, co-founder and CEO of MelkIt, come on Good Things Utah to tell us all about it!

About 12 years ago, mother-daughter duo started Melkit. Melkit was created because your skin is your largest organ, considering it takes roughly 26 seconds for whatever is put on your skin, to be absorbed into your bloodstream. The pair went on a journey through the market of beauty and skin care to discover clean, natural products that actually work. Thus, in January of 2021, Face Melk was born.

Face Melk cream

Kamille’s mom, co-founder and CEO of MelkIt, has an expansive knowledge on essential oils. When she started mixing her favorites, that is when she came up with a formula for Face Melk. Face Melk is made with essential oils and natural ingredients to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin daily. Melkit says, “your best skin, in a jar”. This formula contains no dyes or fragrances, which makes it great for sensitive skin, or any skin for that matter.

“All these natural powerhouse essential oils work together to give you your best skin ever. With natural properties to fight, balance, and maintain healthy glowing skin. These essential oils will help you achieve beautiful, dewy, and soft skin. We like to call it, that melky glow.”


Want to enhance your skin or care routine? You can get your own dose of Melk with 15% off using code: abc4 at You can follow Melkit on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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