Salt Lake City, UT – (Good Things Utah) – Postpartum depression and anxiety is one of the most common things women with children go through. While being common, it is a sore spot for women to share. Tawnee Cole, a mother herself, is trying to change the way women heal from postpartum depression and anxiety. She stepped into the studio today to give us her take on how women can better begin to heal.

Cole shared her own experience dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety. While not wanting to partake in clinical/prescriptive methods, she created a way for women to process these feelings and move past them. Cole has a journal that is said to be within a series of four journals to help women with postpartum depression and anxiety. 

With this journal, Beautiful Untapped: a Guide for Your Postpartum Journey, it covers a span of six months with a multitude of exercises, writing prompts, and trackers to help lift you up and begin your healing journey. It is important to take the time to look after yourself and remember that you are not alone in the experience of postpartum depression and anxiety. 
For more information, find Tawnee Cole on Instagram and TikTok. The journal, Beautiful Untapped is available in paperback through Amazon.