Bloom into the sunny weather with the help of beautiful flowers. Julie Hall is the President of the Utah Flower Market and Farmer at Maple Bloom Flower Farm Danielle Gibbs, Farmer at The Garden Muse Flower Farm.

  • The Utah Flower Market is Utah’s ONLY 100% local public flower market We have 16 local flower farmers who work together to bring local flowers to florists and the public when you buy local you get totally unique varieties that last longer, smell better, support the local economy and are better for the environment. 
  • Our opening market is Wednesday, April 19 at Grove Station. We are open to florists with a resale license from 9-11 am and to everyone from 11:30 am -1:30 pm  At our first market we will have tulips, specialty narcissus (daffodils), ranunculus, anemones, blooming branches, hellebores and more. There are also food trucks and soda shop available during the public market, so bring the kids along to play.