Utah’s favorite Father Daughter Duo came to Good Things Utah to share their newest song. Mat and Savanna Shaw got their start in the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In March of 2020, Savanna, who was a choir student, was missing her in person practices and started singing virtually. She started an account wanting to showcase her vocal ability but was nervous to do so alone. To calm her nerves, she invited her father, Sam, to sing with her.  Intending just to show friends, family and schoolmates, The Shaws never expected their singing to go viral. Their debut video, ‘The Prayer’, has over nine million views. In just two short years, The pair has recorded five albums. 

The Shaws now make music full time and enjoy every second of it. While it is a time commitment and anything  but easy, they wouldn’t have it any other way. “We love it, though! That’s the thing. Making music is so fun. It connects with people in a way you couldn’t otherwise, especially now where people need that hope [and] they need a little extra joy in their life and so that’s what we love to do. We use our music to share hope and spread joy.” said Mat. The newest album, ‘Happy Like That’, is what they consider their best yet and includes three original songs. They believe the name of the album is perfect as it sparks joy and hope to listeners.  “All the songs fit into that theme [and] it’s a fun one.” said Savanna. The duo has an upcoming concert on Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. at the Sandy Amphitheater. Their concert will include their new songs and also may have a few surprise guests. 

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