Have you heard of the new taco truck in Utah county? Everybody’s talking about it. Nancy Garcia and her crew are here serving up the most delicious tacos and sharing the secret to what makes them so good.

Today they showcased some of their best-selling menu items including the taco de birria and consome de birria soup perfect to use for your dipping sauce. The secret to their delicious tender meat is the 4-6 hour cooking process. It is used for special occasions like big parties, quinceañera, and baptisms. A family recipe that they are keeping to themselves, so you will have come to try it for yourself.

With the weather getting colder, ramen is another hit on their menu. They add their meat and consome and top it with green onion and cilantro!

The Red Tacos food truck is located in Provo and Orem and customers are raving about it! Follow them on Instagram and check out their menu for some tasty Mexican food.