Erin Lindley, Assistant Director of Academy of Utah Celtic F.C., came to Good Things Utah to talk about the advantages of getting your little on the field. Utah Celtic F.C. has been serving the Utah County community for over 25 years. Sports help mold kids and build character, strength and endurance in those formative years. While kids will have a coach and adults to help them Utah Celtic believes the game itself is the best teacher for your child.Founded in 1996, Celtic is the first of its kind and is advantageous for any child including the soccer pro or just someone looking to start. Each session is goal oriented and serves a specific session. Soccer is a fun experience that kids enjoy which Celtic believes helps a child become creative and learn problem solving skills. 

“We try to create this experience for kids and at Celtic we have four core values that we believe in. There’s balance, success, development and character. We try to create this really awesome experience for kids and to help them reach their full potential as they’re going into Club Soccer,” said Lindley. “We want them to have fun and we want them to develop this love for the game. So it’s all about creating this experience for the kids.” Soccer is one of the many sports celebrated in nearly every continent and numerous countries. While the US isn’t a huge adherent of soccer, there has always been a sizable community of individuals who are soccer fans as well as people who play soccer. Utah Celtic FC is wanting to bring the rich sport that unites  the world to the youth here in Utah. 

This Friday, Jul. 22 there will be a free event at Geneva Elementary in Orem that will give a preview to the academy and club experience. To sign up for the academy, visit and enter promo code 19829 for 10% off.