Bun Boiz founder, Jimmy Watson, came to GTU to talk about the eclectic variety of buns he sells in his Provo based shop. The menu includes something for everyone including savory, sweet and even gluten free buns. They are known for having “the hottest bunz in Provo.”

Watson felt inspired to start his business after he had traveled the world and had seen several different types of adaptations of buns including buns from Hawaii, Philippines and the most well known Bao buns from China. Watson has several fusion buns with American and international inspired flavors. Watson describes the treats as “clouds in your mouth.” The business started in Watson’s apartment in Utah County and later progressed to a pop up shop and eventually a storefront.

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For more information on Bun Boiz, visit their website: bunboiz.com

Instagram: @thebunboiz, TikTok: @thebunboiz, Facebook: The Bun Boiz