Music is a key element for any party. Beloved Utah based DJ, Ricky Barrera, came to Good Things Utah to provide music all show long. In addition to blasting classics and the newest summer hits for us at ABC 4, Barrera also told us about how he got his start and how we can get him booked for events. 

In 2018, Barrera was working full time at Google and started DJing and enjoyed it so much that he quit his job at Google and started his new DJ career. Although he is Utah based and serves the Wasatch Front for weddings, parties and events, he also travels all over the US. “The weddings are amazing here in Utah but I travel all over the country to do these events.” Said Barrera. “We just did an event [in Manhattan.] California, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, you name it, we’ve been there!” Barrera says that it’s all about the people and that’s what makes his job worthwhile. His favorite song to play currently is by beloved millennial musician, Lizzo, ‘It’s About Damn Time’, which he played  and danced alongside GTU host Deena Manzanares during the segment. Barrera also said knows the TikTok dance. Inside the studio, everyone was getting their boogie on which showed how good music can bring us together and make any activity or event even more enjoyable.

Barrera has collabed with Utah Valley Bride and said how much he enjoyed the wedding scene in the Beehive state and has been pleased with the progress in Utah wedding receptions. “Utah is just leveling up on the weddings, their parties. There are no longer receptions where you just stand there and shake hands. It’s an event.” Barrera said. “It’s no longer a reception. Your wedding is a party. That’s it.” 

To book Barrera for your next event, follow and contact him on TikTok: @therickybarrera or Instagram: @therickybarrera. Barrera recommends booking months in advance to ensure your spot.